I recommend taking Pilates at the Pilates in Motion studio for many reasons. The classes are small so individual attention is given to proper form and alignment. There are a variety of classes with different modalities so classes are challenging and never boring. However, the most important reasons are the results of greater core strength and increased energy for all that life brings!

Lauri L. (age 48)Neffsville

Pilates In Motion Studio is yet another gem here in Lancaster County! Maureen Dressman’s expertise and focus on each student individually, whether in private or group sessions, is unmatched! After years of chronic neck and back pain, I now have a strong core and live pain free! My husband and family comment about the difference Pilates has made in my life! I truly look forward to my weekly mat and equipment classes and leave the studio with great satisfaction!

Sue H. (age 57)Lititz, PA

My husband and I have been working with Maureen for 2 years. The difference Pilates has made in my core strength, posture and overall alignment is astonishing. I had suffered from shoulder and back pain for years. After about 3 months with Maureen, those pains disappeared and haven’t returned. Maureen is wonderful about working to improve your problem areas while being very mindful not to push too hard. We are so pleased that a good friend recommended her!

Liz H. (age 56)Lancaster, PA

My physical therapy, after a separated shoulder 3 years ago, shockingly demonstrated how out of shape I was, so I went to a personal trainer to rectify the problem. His program, mainly weight lifting, was effective but just a little short on improving flexibility and building deep core strength. A friend told me about Maureen and “Pilates in Motion”. One introductory session and I was hooked. I am in better shape than I was at 30! When I started at the gym, 20 crunches were a strain, now I can easily do 300!! Pilates and weight training are complimentary and I get my cardio from Salsa dancing. Unlike Yoga classes, where often one program fits all, Maureen’s expertise and training means she tailors all exercises to the individual, taking age, injuries and skill level into account.

Mickey T. (age 71)

I started taking Pilates from Maureen 15 years ago. I had tried so many different forms of exercise and would never stick with it or get the results I wanted. Pilates gives me the mind-body connection that other activities don’t. I feel stronger, taller (gained back the ½” I had lost), relaxed and stretched with a strong core and improved posture. I have worked with Maureen through breast cancer and a debilitating car accident. She was able to adjust my workout to accommodate my body issues and seriously help me with my recovery. I am 66 years old and able to do more than many woman younger than myself – all because of Pilates in Motion.

Sharon R. (age 66)Manheim Township, PA

I have been taking Pilates classes for the last 5 years. Pilates has helped keep me active and in shape. While pregnant, I continued with group classes and Maureen gave me modifications when needed. Post-partum Pilates is helping me get my abdominal strength back and shed the last of my baby weight. I really enjoy the personalized atmosphere Maureen has created at Pilates in Motion!

Abby K. (age 35)East Petersburg, PA

Working with Maureen has helped to slow down the progression of Parkinson’s Disease (PD). Her program provides me consistent improvement in balance, flexibility, and strength. The Cadillac Equipment provides necessary toning and range of motion for my arms and legs. The BOSU and dancing to music challenges my balance and improves my coordination and core strength. Maureen is always on the look-out for me new research and technologies to incorporate into my program. Thank you Maureen!

Earl K. (age 71)Lititz, PA

When we discovered that our 11 year old daughter Ava had scoliosis, we immediately searched for the best pediatric orthopedic surgeon we could find and ended up at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP). Ava was almost immediately fitted with a custom back brace in an attempt to straighten her curving spine without needing to resort to the more drastic surgical alternative.

For twenty hours a day, and for years, she needed to wear this brace. So torturously confining and restrictive was this device that the orthopedist cautioned us that both her core strength and flexibility would atrophy. He advised that we find a highly competent Pilates instructor. So we found Maureen at Pilates in Motion, who created an individualized program for Ava. At her most recent visit, the orthopedic surgeon at CHOP remarked on how impressed he was at Ava’s ability to maintain her strength and flexibility, despite the many years of wearing the brace.

Ava is doing well now, and because of her success, our whole family does Pilates with Maureen. Thank you Maureen!

Lynne L., Rob L., Ava L. (age Ages 53, 52, & 14)Manheim Township, PA

I remember starting at Pilates in Motion with Maureen, and feeling very insecure about this new step of wanting health and wellness in my life. Maureen assured me that I could do her classes and that my current level of fitness shouldn’t stop me from beginning! So I decided to try it and have been enjoying the experience. It has definitely been a key part of my overall goal to become healthier! I like that the movements can all be modified. Thanks Maureen!!!!

Jackie B. (age 50)Manheim Township, PA

I began Pilates 2 years ago and it has made a huge difference in my flexibility, balance and strength. Maureen helps to find your weaknesses and designs a program just for you. My issues were my back and neck. The regular attendance of two times a week has helped improve my quality of life!

Kent H. (age 61)Lancaster, PA

Exercise has always been an important part of my life, whether it be running, biking or weight training. These exercises are good, but bad at addressing the flexibility and core strength issues that my body needed. Pilates has provided a cure for these deficiencies. At age 74, the addition of Pilates has kept me on the road, on the bike and at the gym and hopefully will in the foreseeable future!

John G. (age 74)Lititz, PA

In my 30’s, I was in two minor car accidents. The result was ever present issues with my neck. I spent years with numerous chiropractors and massage therapists with no long-term relief. I started Pilates with Maureen at age 63 beginning with equipment class and then added mat. I am thrilled with the increased mobility of my neck and the progress I have made. I have overall increased flexibility and strength and my joints do not hurt anymore. My carriage is much improved because of increased core strength which has also helped me with the heavy lifting I do at my Fall Farm Market. My children gave me a gift certificate to get me started with Pilates, best gift ever!

Bunnie B. (age 67)Lititz, PA

Maureen worked miracles for me, I had a lot of back discomfort after going through a bilateral mastectomy after being diagnosed with breast cancer. After the surgery, I held myself in protective mode and was restricted in my upper body movements and had mid back pain, I did several months of therapy and was getting nowhere. That’s when I met Maureen and she started doing one on one sessions with me that made a world of difference in a short time frame. I gained my upper body strength back and no more back pain! I had done strength training before but nothing like the movements she showed me that covered all areas of the body nothing left un-challenged. I am so blessed to have found her!!

Cindy W. (age 57)Willow Street, PA

I am 70 years old and joined Pilates in Motion 3 years ago and it has been one of the best things I have done for myself. I go twice a week and have seen the change in my body with losing inches and gaining flexibility. I keep my 2 year old grandson a few days a week and have found the flexibility has helped when playing with and caring for him. The classes are fun, I feel great after the workout, and I enjoy the company of other women too. Maureen is a good instructor and friend, so I hope do Pilates at her studio for a long time.

Sandy B. (age 70)Manheim Township, PA

I have been taking classes with Maureen at Pilates in Motion for the past seven years. Maureen is well trained, experienced, and knowledgeable and really knows her stuff! The classes are small, so she can provide individual attention, which can’t be said for the larger gyms. Maureen always introduces new movements and exercises in the classes, and her teaching methods and personality makes every class fun! Pilates has helped relax my mind and body, strengthen my core, and improve my flexibility which helps in my job and recreational activities.

Whether you are just starting out in Pilates, or even if you have some experience, and want to get away from the big gym classes, Maureen and Pilates in Motion offers a warm and welcome experience.

Christopher M. (age 55)Lititz, PA

I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia almost 25 years ago and I was looking for an exercise program to commit to so my symptoms would be relieved. I found Maureen as a fitness trainer and she led me to the benefits of Pilates. Since then, I have perfect posture; even my younger sister commented that I stand straighter. I have a stronger core which makes everyday tasks easier to accomplish.

Pilates has also been a lifesaver for my low back pain. Just recently, my orthopedic doctor looked at the problems in my back after an MRI. He told me he would be afraid to see my back and spine, if I have not been doing Pilates for the last 20 years! Spinal fusion on 2 levels is being kept at bay, and my symptoms managed because of Pilates. I look forward to my Pilates workout, because I know, my achy body will feel so much better after my class!

Donna A. (age 61)Columbia, PA

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