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A warm, inviting, personal Pilates studio to transform your body! Our fully equipped studio offers small group classes and private sessions for the Lancaster, PA community!

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Maureen Dressman is Owner and Instructor of Pilates in Motion and is comprehensively trained and certified in the Pilates Method. She has been teaching Pilates for 16 years sharing her joy, enthusiasm and passion with a multitude of clients in various levels of fitness, ages and physical conditions.

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Why Us and Not Them?

WE provide an environment that is personal, non-competitive, supportive, relaxed and fun!
We devise a well-planned workout and creative lesson to tone and stretch your body for purposes of increasing strength, improving joint flexibility and posture.
WE teach you how to exercise properly so you can improve your movement inside and outside the studio!
WE help you attain and enjoy the benefits of the Pilates Method, so you become one of the many clients who have been taking sessions with Maureen for 5 to 16 years.

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Pilates Class
Sharon Robie

Sharon Robie at the New Movement Studio

“I started taking Pilates from Maureen 15 years ago. I had tried so many different forms of exercise and would never stick with it or get the results I wanted. Pilates gives me the mind-body connection that other activities don’t. I feel stronger, taller (gained back the ½” I had lost), relaxed and stretched with a strong core and improved posture. I have worked with Maureen through breast cancer and a debilitating car accident. She was able to adjust my workout to accommodate my body issues and seriously help me with my recovery. I am 66 years old and able to do more than many woman younger than myself – all because of Pilates in Motion.” Sharon Robie, (age 66) Manheim Township PA


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